Curious Kitchen renovations: Online classes, YouTube, and new logos!

I wanted to share a few pieces of exciting news today! First, I started teaching baking science classes with Level Up, a female–led learning platform that connects creatives with students. Classes are live online through Zoom, and I focus on the purpose behind the ingredients and techniques behind a recipe as we bake it together. If you can’t make it, I also share a recording of the meeting with registered students. My first class on biscuits was yesterday, but keep an eye out on my Level Up page or subscribe to their newsletter for future offerings!

Along the same vein, the Curious Kitchen is now on YouTube! I shared this video explaining the science of breadmaking as I made pesto parmesan challah. Subscribe to stay up to date with new videos! Thanks to my sister for diving into the world of video editing. Keep your eyes open around 15:10 to really see her newfound skills!

Finally, you may have noticed some new logos around the site! These were drawn by the talented Phusion. You can see more of their work here.

I also wanted to thank all you readers for your support and for nerding out about baking science with me. You motivate me to learn more and bake better every day, and I’m thankful to have found such a warm, welcoming group. I’m excited to continue sharing food science and connecting with you all!

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